Seamless No-Code App Creation

Seamless No-Code App Creation with smapOne

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The world is going digital – fast.

And we want to help you become a part of it. Optimising business processes makes life easier for you and your employees. It also improves your company's efficiency by eliminating tedious paperwork. At smapOne, that's what our mission is all about.

In short: we empower you to simplify work and life.


Ready-to-go no code app use cases

So how do you begin? By discovering the true power behind our seamless no-code app builder. Want to improve your logistics processes? Upgrade your facility management workflow? Need efficient construction site practices? We've gathered several use cases to highlight our solutions.

Custom form app

Paper forms slow down processes and make work tedious. They're also easily damaged by weather conditions. At smapOne, we offer a platform to smoothen your analogue processes. Thanks to custom digital form sheets, you can experience seamless digital transformation. Even better – you can customise these to suit your own company and team’s needs!

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Checklist app

Still using clipboards? Still slogging away putting data into the computer? Checklist apps are much easier!

Make tedious data entry a thing of the past and stop wasting paper! Our no code app maker lets you create custom solutions that save you time and money. Speed up your processes today.

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Data capturing app

Analogue data capture is over! Snap information fast with your mobile device. All you need is a custom app (a "smap") and your smartphone. Mobile data capture (MDC) then lets you record information quickly and easily, wherever you are. Even when far from your workstation!

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Data collection app

Analogue data collection, recording and documentation is old hat. By creating your own, custom digital app for collecting and recording information, you’ll be far ahead of everyone in terms of efficient businesses. Forget about scanning paper documentation… the future is digital!

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Android, iOS, Windows

No programming skills necessary

Can be used online and offline

Data protection conformity

Compatibility through REST API

Flexible user management

No-code apps for various industries

Want to improve your logistics processes? Upgrade your facility management workflow? Need efficient construction site pactices?

You're in luck because smapOne can help!

Field service

Thanks to apps, mobile field service technicians benefit from standardised forms and digital signatures on customer orders.

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Construction industry

The mobile construction industry is increasingly turning to form apps, as well as construction report apps, to ensure they comply with important guidelines.

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Property & facility management

The digital reporting of cleaning checks saves time, money and paper. Property inspections, as well as defects, can be seamlessly documented on the go.

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Mobile documentation via app optimises incoming goods processes and vehicle checks, minimising recourse claims.

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