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The smapOne platform provides ready-made “building blocks” for you to create custom form apps for smartphones and tablets. Digital data generated is then forwarded to your office; no scanning documents or typing figures into Excel.

Creating a Custom Form App: Digitalisation Using smapOne

The smapOne app builder (form builder) gives you all the tools you need.

The Drag & Drop principle lets you use ready-made building blocks to create forms. These include: name, address, time stamp, location data, single selection, multiple selection, barcode scanner, photo integration, voice recording and digital signature to facilitate mobile data capture.

Once created, you can share these digital forms with other users. Your new form app will run on Android, iOS and Windows and on every digital device like smartphones, tablets, iPads and laptops.

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Wide-Ranging Possibilities with Digital Form App Functions

A digital form app (aka “form sheet”) standardises data entry to reduce the amount of paperwork and facilitate data evaluation. Form apps for mobile devices, combined with the wider benefits of digitalisation, allow for an exceptionally wide range of use cases. Take a look below.

Complaint Form

  • Fast, multimedia recording of claims. 
  • Error-free, real-time assignment to order number and service provider.
  • Digital signature directly in the mobile form.
  • Readability & complete information, thanks to compulsory fields.

Internal Order Form

  • Pre-defined item positions simplify required product selection.
  • On-the-go ordering with your smartphone or digital device.
  • Error-free transfer of orders to administration & suppliers.
  • Real-time evaluation of all orders placed.

Job Form

  • Select products straight from a list.
  • Use logic & calculation functions available in the app.
  • Copy function sends job reports straight to the customer by email.
  • Expedites order entry and improves reputation.

More Form App Examples

  • Approval form
  • Repair form
  • Material withdrawal form
  • Accident prevention form
  • Accident reports
  • Claim reporting
  • Questionnaires
  • Contact forms
  • Registration forms

Customisable Business Apps: How to Digitalise Your Workflow

Data Capture via #app
Data capture via app is a huge benefit: bypass media breaks, avoid errors, evaluate data in real time - and never print forms again!

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Checklist by App
Do your employees have the most up-to-date checklists they need? Creating a checklist app means that all jobs are ready on the spot – filled out in a legally compliant, weatherproof and error-free manner and stored in a pocket.

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Documentation via App
Documentation via app lets you capture data in full, take photographs with your mobile device and avoid transmission errors. TIP: use compulsory fields for documentation in your forms.

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Digital form solution: Software examples by industry

Our industry examples are a testament to the smapOne modular app builder’s diverse use cases. Create a single piece of form software in 30 minutes – without any programming skills.


Form apps
simplify incoming goods and
vehicle inspection,
minimising recourse claims.

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Construction industry

On the construction site weatherproof forms are essential. Once digitally signed and sent off, captured data is instantly safe and secure at the office.

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Facility management

Switching to digital forms saves time,
money and paper. Avoid errors and inform customers straight away via the copy function.

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