Digitalisation: Logistics 4.0

Logistics Digitalisation – Logistics 4.0

Optimise logistics processes using apps.

Logistics digitalisation is becoming a major theme these days. Intelligent technologies, especially apps, are driving digital transformation in Logistics 4.0. Business apps contribute to raised productivity and competitiveness, preserve resources and motivate skilled staff.

"Apps are driving digitalisation in Logistics 4.0."

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Digitalisation in Shipping & Logistics – Let Apps Optimise Your Processes!

Printed forms, photographed duty rosters, incomplete reports – these analogue and paper-based processes belong in the past. With smapOne, you can digitally capture your load securing, departure control, damage recording and more. Build your own apps, for your own purposes, in just 30 minutes.

It's time to bring digitalisation into shipping & logistics with smapOne!

Digital transformation is changing the world, permanently. Solutions from smapOne provide a quick, easy start into the digital transformation of Logistics 4.0.

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Logistics Digitalisation & Business Apps for Logistics 4.0: The Innovative App Builder

The app builder and our digital experts provide you with an innovative yet simple digital solution for Logistics 4.0. Ready-made app modules and templates are available in the smapOne platform for Supply Chain Management (SCM). Create one app, ten apps or even a hundred. The sky’s the limit!

Whatever your area of operation or the processes and forms you want to turn into apps, we help you with your mobile logistics strategy and provide industry insights. With smapOne you can digitalise your entire transport division, your fleet of lorries or warehouses, or even just your accounting department.

Digital Thanks to Apps: Free Resources & Increased Yield

Digitalised logistics systems have an obvious goal: efficiently designed processes that save time, reduce costs and contribute to increased productivity. This automatically enables companies to generate higher turnover.

Recruit, Motivate & Retain Logistics Employees

Recruiting and keeping competent, highly motivated employees is a vital success criterion in the logistics industry. Progressive ways of working and openness to the spirit of innovation make a major contribution to employee satisfaction. Individually tailored apps mean you can quickly dissolve language barriers and avoid unwanted errors, which in turn leads to increased physical and psychological safety.

Android, iOS, Windows

No programming skills necessary

Can be used online and offline

Data protection conformity

Compatibility through REST API

Flexible user management

Countless Possibilities with SCM Apps for Logistics, Shipping & Transport

Vehicle checks, load securing, damage recording, dangerous goods checks – the smapOne platform has numerous templates for possible logistics and shipping apps. There’s no limit to the apps you can create. With the app builder, you can map use case scenarios along the supply chain a few minutes.


Vehicle & Departure Checks

  • Shorter waiting times for your lorries thanks to fast vehicle & departure check loggings.
  • Improve load security documentation & plan your resources more efficiently.
  • Receive current delivery and departures information instantly, including a data overview for each customer.
  • Overcome language barriers with clearly legible and fully completed handover logs.

Incoming Goods & Dangerous Goods Checks

  • Create a faster, simpler documentation process for your incoming goods & dangerous goods checks.
  • Allocate your documentation systematically & send it directly to your respective claimants.
  • Improved documentation process means you avoid compensation claims & increase cash flow.
  • Receive quick confirmation of your goods’ arrival & process orders.

Damage Recording & Complaints Control

  • Capture damage information digitally & immediately, forward it straight away.
  • Efficiently handle transport damage or complaints, saving precious time.
  • Forward captured damage data to your customers and service providers, without problems or media breaks, and improve your reputation.

More App Use Cases for Logistics:

  • Pallet and transport checks
  • Complaints recording
  • Returns
  • Repeat orders
  • Spare parts supply
  • Driver analysis
  • Warehouse inspections
  • Proof of delivery
  • Route cards
  • Working instructions
  • Order entry
  • Inventories
  • Acceptance reports
  • Customer and driver feedback
  • Shelf inspections
  • Quality management
  • Service provider check
  • Checklists (e.g. for repairs)
  • Working time records
  • Goods control

Logistics & Shipping 4.0 Examples – How smapOne Is Used

As established digital experts in the logistics industry, we deeply understand your challenges and provide a wide variety of use case examples. It’s not only intralogistics companies, shipping companies and freight-forwarding logistics companies that benefit from the enormous potential of digitalisation. You can also find inspiring solutions across our topic pages relating to other industry scenarios.

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Thanks to apps, mobile field service technicians benefit from standardised forms and digital signatures on customer orders.

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Construction Industry

The mobile construction industry is increasingly turning to form apps, as well as construction report apps, to ensure they comply with important guidelines.

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Facility Management

The digital reporting of cleaning checks saves time, money and paper. Property inspections, as well as defects, can be seamlessly documented on the go.

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Software Examples: Create Apps for Logistics, Shipping & Transport

Checklist App
Digital checklists for departure control not only reduce your lorry waiting time. You also receive immediate infomration on all data whilst overcoming language barriers in international business.

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Form app
A simplified, faster form process for dangerous goods and hazardous substance control using an app will not just increase employee satisfaction; it also leads to increased cash flow!

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Documentation App
Want to create a digital damage report? A documentation app is an efficient way of handling all transport damage reports and can forward them seamlessly to your customer.

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Data Capture App
Mobile data capture lets you record and fully capture data from checks on load security - all in a multimedia format using a mobile device.

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