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Who are smapOne?

We are smapOne, and we have a vision: to simplify work and life. Our no-code product lets anyone create custom digital solutions. And our way of working with customers and colleagues is truly unique.

Digital Power

Digital power to the people

We empower people and organisations through our no-code platform. Using predefined building blocks, every single person can actively create their own digital solutions.

We enable all employees to drive digitalisation, taking the burden off IT departments. This is how we unleash the digital potential that lies dormant in all organisations.

We help you save money, time and motivate staff to be the best they can.

smapOne in Figures

smapOne in Figures

Founded in 2014,

Remote-first &
based in Europe

128 driven &
talented smappies

app creators

200,000 cost-saving
smaps created

Customer satisfaction:
Net Promoter Score over 50

How we create success

How We Create Success

A customised app in no time

Modern, competitive processes need fast and efficient agile app solutions. These solutions should be customisable, without needing a large project team or capital.

Developing business apps externally means you have a working solution within 4-12 months. Thanks to smapOne, you create apps in minutes and can use them in about 30 days.

Our culture creates success

We’re all about creating success. We provide support with our intuitive no-code platform, human proximity, close mentoring and remote training combined with workshops and community events. And our positive company culture is infectious – driving you to your goal!

Employees become developers

Using smapOne’s no-code development platform, employees can create digital solutions easily and quickly through visual modeling. No programming skills needed! This empowers your team, enriching traditional enterprise IT in terms of speed, agility and human resources. Your IT force is bigger and more innovative than you suspect.

Founder Sven Zuschlag

The Founder

Sven Zuschlag

"Can digitalisation be that simple? At smapOne we say: Yep! With us, it's even fun!"

CEO & Board of Directors, smapOne AG


Sven Zuschlag is a digital pioneer and member of smapOne AG's Board of Directors. Responsible for corporate strategy, markets and employees. Doer and bridge builder within the digital world. Until 2014, he managed the Solution Partner Channel at Microsoft. A graduate of business administration with over 21 years of professional experience in different companies and roles, he understands the trends and requirements companies need for modern IT systems.

Founder Thomas Schwarz

The Founder

Thomas Schwarz

"Digital Power to the people" - we live our motto because we believe that everyone can become a digitalisation expert."

CTO & Board of Directors, smapOne AG


Thomas Schwarz is a member of smapOne AG’s board of directors, with a focus on product development and data security. He was previously Vice President of a 750 employee-strong IT consulting firm focusing on application development. He gained his deep knowledge and experience of software development and mobile business by working in different industries as a consultant, team leader and manager.

Our Values

Our Values

Passion | Crew | Accountability | Quality | Think Big

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