Digitalisation in facility management

Property Management Apps – Digitalisation in Facility Management

Prooperty management apps are paving the way for success with digitalisation and automation, concepts that are transforming the housing sector. Custom business apps help to massively increase productivity in real estate and facility management. They also improve resource conversation, competitiveness and motivating specialist staff.

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Property Management Apps for Digital Property Management

Printed forms, photographed meter readings, badly filled-out reports – transform your analogue processes into apps. The all-in-one solution: use smapOne to capture your data on energy management, cleaning checks, maintenance, damage recording and much more, simply and digitally.

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Digital transformation is changing the world permanently. smapOne is your quick start for easy entry into the digital transformation of the real estate industry.

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Create Your Own Facility Management Software

The intuitive app builder from smapOne

The app builder lets you present every form, log and report as an app. Select ready-made app modules using the Drag & Drop principle to create your custom facility management software (a “smap”). Alternatively, you can take one of our many app templates and adapt them to your needs. So simple and so intuitive – the app builder makes digitalisation fun!

What are your areas of operation? Which of your analogue processes do you want to turn into apps? You won’t be left alone at the start, we’ll be happy to help you with your mobile facility management strategy and provide useful insights into the digitalised real estate industry.

Android, iOS, Windows

No programming skills necessary

Can be used online and offline

Data protection conformity

Compatibility through REST API

Flexible user management

A Wealth of Possibilities with Facility Management Apps for the Real Estate Industry

At smapOne we provide you with an agile solution. Countless app templates are available to use as facility management apps (or “smaps”). These templates let you create as many apps as you’d like, no limits. Take just a few minutes to map various use case scenarios along with the value chain that can be mapped using the app builder – and updated anytime, in real time. Need ideas? Take a look at the following:

Cleaning Checks

  • 100% saving on paper printouts.
  • Real time evaluation on cleaning services performed.
  • Fast recording of defects or damage (using the photo module).
  • Clearly legible & completely filled-out logs.


  • 50% time savings thanks to simplified documentation process.
  • Real-time maintenance activity status evaluation.
  • Faster data processing: assigning service providers, ordering spare parts, employee workload.

Defect Recording

  • Multimedia recording (image, sketches, audio & text) via smartphone or tablet without any media break.
  • More efficient processing saves valuable time and improves your reputation.
  • Defects are fully documented and forwarded to customers and service providers.

More Use Cases for smapOne Include Apps for:

  • Maintenance
  • Meter reading
  • Control period planning
  • Road safety checklist
  • Spare parts supply
  • Drivers’ logbooks
  • Monitoring rounds
  • Fire safety
  • Safety at work
  • Working instructions
  • Order entry
  • Inventories
  • Acceptance reports
  • Property inspections
  • Fault reporting
  • Quality management
  • Service provider check
  • Checklists (e.g. for repairs)
  • Working time records
  • Garden maintenance / winter service

Facility Management 4.0 Examples – How Businesses Use smapOne

We are established digital experts in the facility service industry and have a deep understanding of your challenges. We can illustrate this with a wide range of use case examples. And it’s not only technical facility management, property management and smart maintenance that benefit from the enormous potential of digitalisation. You can also find inspiring solutions across our topic pages relating to other industry scenarios.

Service / plant engineering

Thanks to apps, mobile technicians benefit from standardised forms and checklists. This includes the fast handling of documentation, without the need for follow-up work.

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Construction industry

The mobile construction industry relies increasingly on occupational safety apps as well as construction report apps. This ensures compliance with important guidelines.

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Mobile data capture via app optimises the incoming goods process and vehicle checks. This in turn minimises recourse claims.

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Software for Property Management – One Solution for All!

Checklist App
Digital checklists for inspecting and monitoring the condition of property and equipment are a major asset to property managers. They help by swiftly recording compliance with important regulations.

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Data Capture App
Lighten employees’ workloads with a mobile data capture app. Predefined fields, logic and calculation functions including fast multimedia capture via mobile devices will increase motivation and productivity.

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Documentation App
You’re the one who creates the best documentation software for your needs! Customise fields, descriptions and sketches to suit your preference and send tailored data instantly to your back office. There’s no faster or more customized way of documenting!

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Form App
Using your form apps and the reporting function, create ready-made contracts and handover logs, and have them sent to you by e-mail. Nothing stands in the way of direct further processing.

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