Digitalising the construction industry

Construction Digitalisation

Optimise construction industry processes using apps.

Construction digitalisation is becoming a huge focus in the building industry. The more widespread use of artificial intelligence and networked construction sites means digital data is essential.

Capture your data digitally now by using custom business apps created by your own!

Construction Digitalisation – Apps for Site Managers & Building Sites

Paper forms? Clipboards? These are relics of the past and have no place in the modern construction industry.

Transform your analogue processes into apps!

smapOne apps (“smaps”) can perform extremely versatile tasks for construction managers, planners or individual employees. For example, data can be digitalised in the following areas:

  • Construction site logistics
  • Safety at work
  • Waste disposal
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

As varied as your business – create your own app now!

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Business Apps for the Digital Construction Industry

Current trends for the digitalised construction site like telematics, BIM and Building 4.0 require digital data. You can already take the first step and digitalise your forms, reports and logs which are currently only available to employees as printouts. With smapOne it’s very easy to transform these analogue processes and make them available as apps.

Create Apps Using the App Builder

The smapOne app builder provides ready-made app modules that can be used to map out countless app scenarios for the construction industry. You decide on the components and the content of your own app, share these with your users and get consistent data returned centrally to your management. Build one app or build a hundred – the limits are endless! The more processes you identify and optimise, the better.

Android, iOS, Windows

No programming skills necessary

Can be used online and offline

Data protection conformity

Compatibility through REST API

Flexible user management

Endless App Options for the Building Industry Using Construction Site Apps

Digital organisation, coordination and monitoring of construction sites: the smapOne platform offers many app templates for creating possible construction site apps. Get inspired by use case scenarios from other uses.

Construction Diary App

  • Digital reports are safe from weather & loss.
  • Complete documentation & error reduction thanks to mandatory information, photos, sketches, etc.
  • Increased transparency on current construction progress.
  • No digitalisation outlay for management.

Acceptance Report App

  • Increase property management productivity by 25%.
  • Multimedia defect recording with copy function.
  • Sign reports - digitally.
  • Fewer recourse claims & increased cash flow through improved documentation process.

Commissioning App

  • Increase in safety at work & detectability.
  • Fast mobile documentation of condition & services performed.
  • Calculation function in the app shows compliance with default values.
  • Offline data capture possible in areas of poor reception.

More use cases for “smaps” in the construction industry:

  • Site documentation
  • Construction progress
  • Handover report
  • Construction vehicles
  • Spare parts supply
  • Driver analysis
  • Maintenance log
  • Repair log
  • Route cards
  • Working instructions
  • Equipment control
  • Quality management
  • Safety at work instruction
  • Feedback log
  • Order entry
  • Defect recording
  • Service provider check
  • Expense and allowance recording
  • Working time records
  • Goods control

Driving Digitalisation in Construction:
Learn from Other Sectors

Our industry examples provide a testament to the smapOne modular app builder’s diversity. Create a custom business app in just 30 minutes – no programming skills necessary.


Form apps simplify incoming goods and vehicle inspection, minimising recourse claims.

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Thanks to apps, mobile field service technicians benefit from standardised forms and digital signatures on customer orders.

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Facility management

The switch to digital forms saves on time, money and paper. You avoid errors and customers are informed right away via the copy function.

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The Digital Construction Site: Apps as the Best Construction Software

Checklist App
The switch to digital forms saves on time, money and paper. You avoid errors and customers are informed right away via the copy function.

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Form app
Mobile data capture means you can record in full checks on material quality, equipment condition and property condition. They are recorded in a multimedia format using a mobile device.

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Data Capture App
With mobile data capture, checks on material quality, equipment condition, property condition, etc. are recorded in full and captured directly in a multimedia format using a mobile device.

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Documentation App
Document defects using photos, sketches and notes directly on a mobile smartphone or tablet. Data is available immediately, centrally and via email, and can be forwarded to customers or accounting departments.

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