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Create Your Own smap in 4 Steps


It takes only 30 minutes to create an app ("smap") with our no-code app building platform. And you don’t have to write a single line of code. Whether it’s a digital form or an app with advanced functionality, just drag and drop predefined bricks to create your own, custom solution.

Toolbox Principle




As soon as your smap is ready, let your teammates install and use it straight away with the smapOne app. The smapOne app works on all devices, so you can use it on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Using a smap is fast and efficient and works even when you’re offline.

smapOne App

smap Overview

Offline Capability


Teams can seamlessly collaborate, add and manage data, assign tasks, and create a smap that’s custom-fit for their needs. smaps can be adapted and quickly scaled company-wide. With Microsoft Teams integration, collaboration has never been easier.

Add Tasks

Create Templates

Work in Microsoft Teams


Easily manage and integrate data with the smapOne platform. View, filter, export and send reports – all with ease. Additionally, you can integrate smapOne into third-party systems with a simple REST API.

Data View in Platform



5 Good Reasons to Use smapOne

  1. Free up time:
    Automate critical tasks and free up valuable staff resources so your team can focus on what matters most.
  2. Maximise productivity:
    Streamline workflows and unlock the full potential of your team with productive, lean processes.
  3. Rapidly adapt to changing markets:
    Stay ahead of the curve and bring new ideas to market with ease. No reliance on additional tech expertise.
  4. Easily scale apps across your organisation:
    Innovation and automation go hand in hand. The smapOne platform makes it simple to scale and share apps across the entire company.
  5. Traceable, clean and complete data:
    Say goodbye to illegible paper forms. Say hello to clean, complete data that's easy to manage and control.

It’s easy with smapOne.


Our platform helps you maximise productivity, stay ahead of the competition, easily scale your apps, and keep your data organised. Are you ready to experience the power of automation and innovation?


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