Collect data together and optimise smaps

Work Together on Solutions

  • Let your team add & manage data
  • Create & share enterprise templates
  • Collaborate seamlessly on MS Teams

Step 3: Collaborating with smaps

What you'll learn here

Add Tasks

Share tasks with your team

Create Templates

Adopt templates company-wide

Work in Microsoft Teams

Seamless collaboration


Collect Data Together in One smap

In the last step, you got started with the smapOne app (Step 2). Next, collaborate easily with your team using our task feature. Comment on tasks, prioritise and forward them, and get automatic notifications.

  • Comment and prioritise tasks
  • Pass on work status
  • Automatic notifications

Comment on tasks

Prioritise & forward tasks

Automatic notifications


Create Templates for Company-Wide Use

With our enterprise feature, you can easily scale your apps and apply common company standards. Store imprint and legal notices on our platform and let teams from all departments use enterprise templates as the basis for new smaps.

  • Build smaps faster
  • Common standards
  • Deposit imprint & legal

Easily scale smaps

Set common standards

Store imprint & legal notices


Build & use smaps in MS Teams

Collaborate on apps in real-time using the smapOne extension directly in Microsoft Teams. Enjoy more focus and less switching between platforms, and send and receive feedback, all in one place.

  • Alternative access variant
  • More focus & less context switching
  • Receive feedback directly

Use smapOne on MS Teams

More focus and less switching

Send and receive feedback

Being able to react to new requirements at short notice with little effort, both during development and active use massively simplifies our day-to-day work. This spurs our employees to constantly question processes and independently tackle optimisations or find new application scenarios for more smaps.

Christian Grünwald, Innovation Project Manager, BWF Offermann, Waldenfels & Co. KGBWF Offermann, Waldenfels & Co. KG

Christian Grünwald





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Manage & Integrate Data

It’s easy with smapOne.


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