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Proof of Concept (POC)

“Know what you want and get there at full speed!”

We’ll work together with you within a set project timeframe. We’ll provide the ideas that wil improve your work processes. As your optimal app emerges, you can get feedback, convince stakeholders and win over your employees, creating the best possible basis for decision-making.

Proof of Concept – Advantages

  • Enjoy the full scope of the smapOne platform’s functionality.
  • Unlimited user licenses covering any number of departments & employees.
  • Simpler work processes mean happier employees.
  • Our expert guidance helps you identify the best use case scenarios with the biggest potential for optimisation.
  • Gain a sound decision-making basis for your investment within the project timeframe.

Your Contact

During the project timeframe you’ll get support from your own personal Customer Success Manager. Together, you’ll ensure that the POC is a success by working closely to identify the best use case scenarios. This will help you get up and train you and your team. They will also be available to answer any questions and ultimately help evaluate the outcome.

Deep Dive - What the POC Offers

Depending on your agreed project time frame, you can expect the following services in your PoC program.

Kick-off Meeting

We work together to create a plan that includes first steps and deadlines. We discuss your expectations and requirements.

Ideas workshop

A private workshop for you and your team to familiarise yourselves with the smapOne platform. Together, we develop use case scenarios and methods for idea evaluation and map out the first steps.

App Building Service

Our specialists optimise apps created as part of the POC, including app reports.


We’ll explore what integration options are available with your company’s current IT systems, then create a concept to carry out integration.

Remote support

To ensure that the project progresses quickly, you will stay in touch with your Customer Success Manager. You and your team will receive active support for implementation and are free to ask questions at any time.


We’ll help you develop a strategy for agile teamwork and an open mindset that suits your company.

Examples of Successful Projects

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The smapOne POC program: Project process

Step 1 free trial

Free trial

Test smapOne for 14 days free, no commitments. This gives you an overview of our intuitive platform and the opportunity to experiment with different free app templates.

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Step 2 e-mail

Proof of concept

Set a defined project timeframe and use this to create the quick results you want to see. The perfect feasibility check for your company!


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Step 3 Get started + digitalise processes

"Go live!"

After a successful proof of concept, start using your own custom package tailored to the number of use cases, users and projects you have.

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