Enter data anytime, anywhere with smaps

Enter Data Anytime, Anywhere

  • Streamline your experience
  • All your smaps in one place
  • Keep working, uninterrupted

Step 2: Using a smap

What you'll learn here

smapOne App

For Android, iOS & Windows

smap Overview

All smaps in one place

Offline Function

Record data offline


Get Started with the smapOne App

In the first step, you created and shared your smaps (Step 1). Now, your team can easily enter data using the smapOne app on phones or tablets. It’s quick, convenient, and works on iOS, Android and Windows 10.

  • Cross platform
  • Use right away
  • Central smap management

Available cross-platform

Ready to use right away

Link user & device


All smaps in a Single App

Streamline your experience with the smapOne app. Install and access all the smaps that have been shared with you in one place. Installing a smap takes just one click.

  • Easy installation
  • New smaps & updates always at hand
  • For PC or mobile devices

One-click installation

Updates always at hand

For PC or mobile devices


Record Data Even When Offline

No internet? No problem! Our app temporarily saves all data offline, so you won't lose anything. As soon you reconnect, your data will be automatically uploaded. Keep working, uninterrupted.

  • Use on- & offline
  • Save multiple data sets
  • Smooth reuse

Use on- and offline

Save multiple data sets

Uninterrupted use

Working with paper forms is no fun. Thanks to the offline-capable, intuitive and individually adaptable apps, a high level of acceptance was quickly established among technical colleagues.

Timo NovotnyBAM Immobilien-Dienstleistungen GmbH

Timo Novotny


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