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Create Custom Solutions with No-Code

  • Easily build & scale your smaps
  • Choose from a variety of templates
  • Customise to fit your business needs
  • No programming skills required

What’s a smap?

A smap is a customisable app built on smapOne’s no-code platform for purposes like data management, process automation, and digitising work. Accessible on phones or tablets, it streamlines team operations and requires no programming skills to create.

Step 1: Building a smap

What you’ll learn here

App Builder

Build smaps with no-code


Design smaps with simple prompts


Tailor to your business needs


Share your smap right away


Design Your Own smap in Minutes

Get started with the app builder right away. Create custom solutions from the ground up using software building bricks. If you prefer not to start from scratch, we offer various templates that you can tailor to your specific processes. Our no-code focus allows you to build your first smap in just a few minutes without requiring any programming experience.

  • Build with drag-and-drop
  • Various templates
  • In German and English

Use drag-and-drop

Play with templates

In English & German


AI-Powered smaps: Build a Prototype in Seconds

Text-to-smap (Beta): Let AI create your smap for you from simple text-based prompts.  

  • Create text-based smaps
  • Prototype in 30 seconds
  • Works with formulas and logic

Create text-based smaps

Prototype in 30 seconds

Works with formulas and logic


Customise Your smap with Pre-Built Features

Our app builder provides a range of pre-built modules, such as text fields, checkboxes, time stamps, barcode scanners and camera features. These features enable you to tailor each smap to your unique processes. You can activate, validate, and calculate within the smap.

  • Mandatory fields
  • Logic & validation
  • Live Preview

Add mandatory fields

Use logic & validation

Preview live


Distribute Your smap to Your Team

Effortlessly control access to your smap for individual users, specific departments, or the entire company on the smapOne platform.

  • Central user management
  • Immediately available
  • Roll out updates quickly

Manage users centrally

Share immediately

Roll out updates fast

With its modular app structure, smapOne is the ideal platform for driving forward digitalisation in the field service of Sakret GmbH. The platform's independence and the potential to create apps quickly in various areas are a big plus for us.

Dr Rolf Stubenrauch, SAKRET GmbHSAKRET

Dr Rolf Stubenrauch




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