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Field Service Apps

Optimise your field service, maintenance and installation processes with apps.

Industry 4.0 and field service apps offer major benefits to mechanical and plant engineering. As order numbers grow, the need for more efficient and streamlined services also increases.

Industry 4.0 apps will help digitalise a business – quickly.

Create Your Own Field Service Apps for Mechanical Engineering & Installation!

By transforming your hand-written logs, forms and reports into apps, you’ll free up time resources in mechanical engineering, installation and maintenance.

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Digital transformation is eating the world and smapOne is your speedboat for getting your mobile field service management digitalised!

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App Builder: The Simple & Fast Implementation of Business Apps

The smapOne solution offers a flexible and intuitive app builder. This lets you digitalise as many mechanical engineering and field processes as you want.

Finally free up time & financial resources

Using business apps means you save up to 50% of your documentation time and work more efficiently. The faster processing of orders means you can free up resources and optimise cash flow.

Keep & motivate your

Keeping hold of good, motivated employees is an essential task for companies. Skilled staff connect employment opportunities, skill building and quality with a progressive way of working. Facilitating their work through apps adds positively to these characteristics.

Digital transformation
in service & mechanical

In terms of sales, the mechanical engineering sector is one of the strongest and is the flagship of a good economy. An efficient, competitive mechanical engineering industry is the foundation of a country’s innovative strength.

Android, iOS, Windows

No programming skills necessary

Can be used online and offline

Data protection conformity

Compatibility through REST API

Flexible user management

Countless Opportunities for the Mechanical Engineering Industry Thanks to Apps for Field Service

Maintenance, servicing, installation – the smapOne platform offers many app templates use as mechanical engineering and apps for field service. Create as many business apps as you want. In just a few minutes you can map different use cases in the app builder.


  • Simplified & expedited documentation process for your maintenance contracts.
  • Faster customer notifications about defects found.
  • Ad hoc information about current maintenance status.
  • Reduce administration department’s workload.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.


  • Easy recording, expedited forwarding and efficient installation work handling.
  • Time & cost savings in job handling including more productive employees.
  • Full & complete documentation for your customers and all installation work.
  • Detailed overview about current status of installation work.

More Use Cases for smapOne Include Apps for:

  • Resource scheduling
  • Handover reports
  • Inspection
  • Defect recording
  • Defect documentation
  • Checklists (e.g. repairs)
  • Inspection reports
  • Returns
  • Quality control
  • Store checks
  • Working instructions
  • Commissioning
  • Error analysis
  • 5S audit checklist
  • Time sheets
  • Service reports

Mechanical Engineering & Maintenance 4.0 Examples – Get Inspired!

Mechanical engineering and installation aren’t the only industries benefiting from the enormous potential of digitalisation. Other sectors are also making use of this competitive advantage and using smapOne’s digital solution to create their own business apps.

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Mobile documentation via app optimises incoming goods processes and vehicle checks, minimising recourse claims.

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Construction Industry

The mobile construction industry is turning increasingly to form apps including construction report apps to ensure compliance with important guidelines.

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Facility Management

Digitally reporting cleaning checks saves time, money and paper. Property inspections and reported defects are seamlessly documented on the go.

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Software Examples: Create Apps for Field Staff, Field Service, Mechanical & Plant Engineering

Data Capture App
Data capture by app makes customer service easier. No need to collect or deal with paper anymore!

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Form App
A digital form app means your employees are always equipped with the latest version of forms in their pockets, even while on-the-go. All legally compliant, error-free & weatherproof.

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Documentation App
Mobile documentation lets you capture plant checks in full, take photographs with a mobile device and avoid transmission errors.

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