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Mobile Data Capture Solutions

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The Mobile Data Capture Solutions: the First Steps to Digitalisation

Mobile data capture (MDC) lets you capture values, facts and figures when you’re away from your workstation. Record data where it’s generated: in the warehouse when carrying out an inventory, managing item lists, when checking property cleaning, on construction sites for time recording and much more. Great mobile data capture solutions come in the form an app, the best come in the form of a custom app.

With custom mobile data capture apps, the possibilities are endless. You can capture all kinds of data from operations, customers, time, maintenance, check and control and quality control- all captured easily and digitally. Get creative!

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The smapOne App builder: Simple data capture app creation for recording data

The smapOne app builder is the ideal entry point into data digitalisation via app. Create your own digital capture apps in minutes using Drag & Drop – no programming skills needed – and start straight away. Tailor each app whenever you like to meet the requirements of your industry and application scenario. Want to know more? Take a look at these examples:

Order Entry

  • Mobile order entry right on site (i.e., field sales, trade fares, events).
  • Simplified product searches through pre-selection, including calculation and logic functions.
  • Direct offer creation from the app (using the copy function).
  • Use online & offline.

Claims Recording

  • Comprehensive, paperless recording of damage claims.
  • Multimedia documentation using photos, sketches, barcode scanning, audio and text.
  • Error-free report transfer from app to admin office & client.
  • Real-time evaluation of all recorded claims.

Meter Reading

  • Customer selection straight from a list.
  • In-app barcode scanner & photo function.
  • Copy function sends meter readings straight to the customer by email.
  • No risk of transcription errors.

More Examples of Mobile Data Capture (MDC) Apps

  • Loading process capture
  • Site inspection
  • Fire safety checks
  • Mystery shopping
  • Accident reports
  • Contact/lead recording
  • Material recording
  • Complaints/defect recording
  • Commercial contract recording

Smartphones as Mobile Capture Devices

Forms via App
Collecting and managing form data is simpler and more time-efficient than ever. Data captured on a mobile device is available in digital format in the office within seconds.

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Checklist by App
Why checklist apps? They’re necessary for capturing data related to inspections, fire safety checks or vehicle checks and many other possibilities.

More on the “Checklist App”

Documentation via App
By using apps for documentation you capture data clearly, seamlessly and without media breaks and avoid manual transcription work and related errors.

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Examples by Industry – Digital Data Capture by App

In many sectors, such as industry, retail, logistics, transport or quality assurance, checklists, forms for data capture and workflow reports are important parts of day-to-day work.

With the smapOne app builder, numerous application scenarios can be mapped. Create as many customized business apps as you want.
Get inspired by our users’ own use-case examples:


Mobile data capture
simplifies incoming goods and
vehicle inspection and
minimises recourse claims.

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Mobile field sales technicians benefit from fast and consistent data capture apps, digital signatures and positive feedback from customers.

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Construction industry

On the construction side, waterproof data capture apps are useful. Documented once digitally and then sent off, reports arrive at the office, safe from the risk of loss on the construction site.

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