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The app builder: Create your own business checklist app

Insert ready-made app modules to create your own custom business checklist app using the Drag & Drop principle. Smartphone preview lets you see straight away how the app is shaping up. You can select single and multiple selection fields, mandatory data, sketches and photo modules, digital signatures and many more. Once finished, you can share your app with users.

Your team will then always carry the most up-to-date checklist version with them on their smartphone or tablet. It will capture data digitally and send it to a central location like your back office. With smapOne, your apps are accessible both on- and offline.

Sound simple? That’s because it is. Get started now with smapOne!

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How it works

Creating your own, custom checklist app is easy. See how it works...

Drag & Drop workflows

Use the Drag & Drop editor to assemble your “smap” from predefined building blocks.

Instant previews & seamless integrations

Using a smartphone preview, easily check how your app is coming along.

Smart Integrations

Data sent in real-time when online, stored and sent later when offline.

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Works online & offline

Data sent in real-time when online, stored and sent later when offline.

Endless options for creating a custom checklist app for employees

A checklist app for your employees can drastically increase staff motivation. By reducing pen and paper, they save time (up to 60%) and you save money. You also eliminate manual transfer processes, significantly reducing errors.

Just consider the following use cases:

Workplace safety checklists

  • No paper needed – "the end of paper everywhere".
  • Fast checklist app creation for workplace safety.
  • Digital signature directly into the mobile checklist.
  • Copy function sends reports to all recipients.

Property inspection checklist

  • Digital signature directly in mobile checklist.
  • Document anytime, on-the-go, with smartphone, tablet or digital device.
  • Saves image data & transmits directly in the task.
  • Place orders for services required straight after inputting captured data.

Load Security Checklist

  • Fast data capture minimises waiting times for lorries.
  • Mandatory fields enforce complete documentation.
  • List selection with predefined data facilitates use.
  • Multimedia documentation & order assignment without media interruption.

More checklist app examples

  • Vehicle check
  • 5S / audit checklist
  • Monitoring rounds
  • Site inspection
  • Fire protection / smoke detector check
  • Quality management
  • Key pick-up and delivery
  • Job instructions
  • Service and maintenance
  • Machine approval
  • Cleaning checks
  • Store checks

Custom checklist apps: The future is digital!

Forms via app
Forms, reports, logs – find your analogue processes and optimise them using apps built with smapOne’s app builder!

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Data capture via app
Digital data capture saves time and money. No more tediously searching for and sending slips of paper. Collected data is stored in a central location and is digitally available. The app builder lets you create as many mobile data capture apps as you want.

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Documentation via app
Users are convinced by the use of apps for documentation. The apps raise the productivity and motivation of employees.

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Digital checklists and controls: Use case examples by sector

Checklists of various kinds can be found in every company. Working with them can be time-consuming. Discover use-case examples of mobile checklists for tablets and smartphones from a variety of industries.


The driver, load and vehicle have to be checked off before each journey. How is this managed with the small margins in logistics?

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Construction industry

Walk-through inspections, workplace safety and material appraisals – the construction industry uses a great deal of documentation. Time can be saved in this regard using flexible checklist apps.

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Facility management

Checklist apps promote sustainability, particularly in FM. Printed lists belong in the past. Working time and services delivered are also recorded. Many users benefit from the very first app.

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