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Key Facts

  • Founded: 2014 by Sven Zuschlag (CEO) and Thomas Schwarz (CTO) in Hanover (Germany)
  • Locations (Germany): Hanover, Dresden, Ulm, Remote
  • Employees: 128
  • Values: Passion, Crew, Responsibility, Quality, Thinking Big
  • Over 200,000 smaps created
  • Over 50,000 successful citizen developers (app creators)
  • NPS (Net Promoter Score): Over 50

Digital Power to the People.

We strive to empower everyone to simplify life. 

Empowerment through Citizen Development 

We want to empower people and organisations to shape digitalisation on their own in a fun, playful way with an easy-to-use tool and professional services. By empowering all people to digitalise processes themselves, we take the burden from IT experts so they can focus on mission-critical work. We unleash the digital potential hidden within all organisations.

No-code app building platform

The smapOne no-code platform offers predefined modules for the digitalisation of organisations and accompanies them on the path to digital transformation with know-how and expert services.

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Latest Press Releases 

  • App Development with Artificial Intelligence: smapOne Brings Unique Innovation to Market | 14.08.2023

  • smapOne Receives ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security | 26.07.2023

  • No Code Champion: smapOne Achieves Top Rating in PUR (Professional User Rating) | 17.07.2023

  • App development in minutes using AI: smapOne introduces first no-code prototype for AI powered citizen development | 05.05.2023

  • The smapOne “Empowerer” Award: Presented to organisations for their dedication to Citizen Development | 15.02.2023

  • Boom in business apps continues: No-code start-up smapOne sees rapid growth, expands to UK and Nordics| 19.10.2022

  • 360° Solution Approach for Citizen Development: No-Code Tool from smapOne Complements Microsoft Power Platform| 15.03.2022

  • Leading SaaS no-code-platform smapOne receives millions infinancing from Nordwind Capital to stimulate further growth | 03.08.2021


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smapOne in the Media

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No Code Is Now Even Easier: AI Helps Technical Laypeople with App Development

smapOne has unveiled a first prototype for an AI-powered no-code platform. The tool, called the 'smapifier', lets employees create applications without any prior technical knowledge. Unlike other no-code platforms, they don't even need to know exactly which processes the app needs to master.


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Warehouse Software Developed with No Code

Speed and dynamics are the watchwords of modern warehouse management. Accidents, damaged goods and incomplete documentation can't be completely ruled out. Digital tools, however, reduce this risk significantly. And software development based on no-code means these tools can be adapted just as quickly as goods pass through the warehouse.


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Honold: Digitalisation with the smapOne app construction kit

At Honold, it’s the employees who are the drivers of innovation. By using smapOne’s modular app construction kit, they are creating digital “smaps” and solutions for themselves – without needing IT knowledge. This is helping to foster an innovative culture at the company and is in turn driving digitalisation.


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Warehouse Software Developed with No Code

In German SMEs, the gap between the need for digitalisation and resources required for it is widening. Rather than wait for political solutions and hope for the best, companies are turning to no code. Through this, they are empowering their employees to participate in developing business applications themselves.

What status has No Code now achieved? What are the advantages for companies and employees? And what does the future of No Code and Low Code look like?


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German footballer Thomas Müller invests in software startup from Hanover

Thanks to smapOne’s no code platform, building apps without prior programming knowledge is easy. Real estate giant Vonovia and logistics company Dachser already use the innovative solution. Now, the company is getting support from prominent investors like footballer Thomas Müller, Deutsche Bank supervisory board of directors head Paul Achleitner and Siemens CEO Peter Löscher.


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Workaction practice: Testing “New Work” from a caravan

Can an entire company work effectively from a caravan? Sven Zuschlag, CEO of smapOne, wanted to put the “workation” idea to the test. The company sent four teams out in four campers and sent them along routes including the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, through Switzerland and Austria and even down to Italy to see how it would pan out.


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The smapOne app construction kit for “computer illiterates”

Even though without programming or IT knowledge can now create apps to improve their workflows. Sven Zuschlag, CEO of smapOne, sees it as his mission to make this fun and easy. It’s called “no code” app development since no programming or coding skills are required. This is even less demanding than “low code” development, which already makes the app creation process easier. Now, this solution is on the way to helping ease the issue brought on by the current shortage of programmers.



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