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Starter Programs

Starter Programs for Digitalisation

Whether you’re an experienced citizen developer or just starting your digitalisation journey, we have a number of startup programs to give you the support you need.

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3 Starter Programs for Your Project

Digitalisation is one challenge, but there is a bigger question: How do I get started?
Well, every digitalisation project is as unique as the people implementing it.
That’s why we have developed 3 starter programs.


For those who want full support.
✓ Defined project period
✓ Permanent project manager
✓ Intensive support
✓ Implementation of 3 smaps by smapOne incl. integration

    Proof of Concept

    For users who want to professionally test the feasibility of their project.
    ✓ Support in building smaps
    ✓ Get to know all functions of the tool
    ✓ Fixed defined time frame
    ✓ Low investment costs

      Direct Start

      For very experienced users who want to start themselves immediately.
      ✓ Start immediately
      ✓ Build smaps independently
      ✓ Control project by yourself

        Prototyping & Proof of Concept

        Starting signal for digitalisation projects

        A good project start is an important indicator for success in your digitalisation project.
        We offer two approaches that can get your project off to a perfect start.
        These depend on the resources and skills you have available.



        Prototyping helps develop a solid concept from initial requirements, resulting in a fully functional product you can use.

        This method is suitable for companies that want to start digitalisation quickly and efficiently, despite having fewer resources and knowledge. Besides training and support, we build 3 smaps that you can use right at the start. This creates freedom for employees while simultaneously revealing the benefits that smaps offer through digital processes.

        • Generating ideas & concepts in joint creative workshops
        • Intensive project support for 6 months
        • Agile mindset establishment in the company
        • 3 finished smaps, including integration


        Proof of Concept

        Proof of Concept (PoC) refers to testing a concept or project and provides information on whether a major project is feasible or not.

        The PoC is suited to companies with the resources and process knowledge to build smaps themselves. We support developing any technical knowledge and digital skills.

        • Digitalisinging your processes with our support
        • Expanding digital competence throughout the country
        • Your blueprint for operationalisation

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