Logistics company with vision for digitalisation

Seifert Logistics: higher digital expertise and six-figure saving potential

  • Saving potential of several hundred thousand euros
  • App competition among employees leads to high commitment
  • Saves up to 20 hours per week
  • Young key users provide assistance and pass on their knowledge to colleagues

smapOne is a partner that fits perfectly into our strategic roadmap. In this way, we have already been able to implement many apps and have even realised six-figure savings. For the future, we hope to leverage potential worth several hundred thousand euros with smapOne. What's more, we want to empower our team even more to identify potential independently and make processes smarter.

Axel Frey, Managing Director of Seifert Logistics GmbHSeifert Logistics GmbH

Axel Frey

Seifert Logistics GmbH

International logistics company inspires employees and customers thanks to digitisation

What is the specific challenge?

Seifert Logistics is a medium-sized, family-owned company with a focus on transport and logistics services throughout Europe. With its 2,000 employees and continuous growth, the company sees real opportunities in the area of digitisation. With solutions such as smapOne, Seifert Logistics is targeting process optimisation and increased efficiency. It should be possible to integrate new locations as easily as possible, and employees should quickly become familiar with the most important processes.
 The company is not the only thing that is changing; the market is too. Customer relationships are becoming increasingly short-lived, and an ever-increasing number of processes have to be adapted in an agile and flexible way – based on customer requirements. Axel Frey is certain that "good corporate development over the long term is only possible through intelligent digitisation".

What does the solution look like?

To address these challenges, Seifert Logistics chose smapOne. Many processes related to picking services, quality checks and delivery documents were critically reviewed and adapted accordingly.

The time saved ranges from a few minutes to 20 hours per week (depending on the process). And the greatest added value: the usability and sustainability of data. Whereas in the past this information was recorded manually and only digitised with a great deal of effort, today this can be done within a few minutes and evaluation is also much better.

The journey towards the productive use of smaps, with a high level of acceptance among staff, took in three preparatory introduction stages. Remote workshops and the on-site hackathon by and with smapOne led to a uniform understanding of the new method of data collection. In addition, training was provided to give staff an idea of where to look for possible areas of application and use. The employee creativity that emerged during this process was encouraged even further in an internal competition in which everyone – from trainees to management – could build and submit their own smaps. In the end, almost 90 smaps were gathered, of which the best three were awarded the title of TOP SMAPS. These are already in daily use and are being rolled out to all Seifert Logistics locations. Each location has a selected team for this purpose, which ensures the correct use of the smaps, takes up ideas from colleagues for new smaps and checks their feasibility on a wider scale.

Customer benefits – what has improved?


  • Faster data recording: Easier data recording allows tasks to be processed more quickly and additional information (such as images) to be attached simply.
  • Better decisions thanks to better data: The end-to-end collection of data digitally makes processes a lot more transparent. Customer queries or ambiguities can be solved easily and quickly.
  • Identification of employees with the company: smapOne has led to a real rethink in the company. Staff are now reviewing their own work for optimisation potential and better understand why agility and flexibility are of enormous importance.
  • Perception as an innovative partner for customers: The logistics company's end customers also experience the process improvements. They save time and money with their own dashboard and get the KPIs they want in real time.

Alex Frey is convinced that "a good smap saves money" and sees potential savings in the six-figure range: purely by optimising and improving processes and production flows using smapOne.

How does the digital transition work in the company?

Within the company, the digital transition is a success. Today, around 100 Seifert Logistics employees are active users, and the number is growing daily. They're also tackling the generation gap. For example:

About 50 of the company's trainees (apprentices, interns, working students) are on the way to becoming key users. They pass on their knowledge to colleagues and assist in building the smaps.

"It was clear that we would only be able to use smapOne successfully if we involve all colleagues, take their concerns seriously and process them, and let them know that they can actively participate. This has worked extremely well." As a result of the internal app competition in particular, in which every employee of the company could participate, many felt heard and valued, and this made an enormous contribution towards acceptance of the solution.

About the company

Seifert Logistics: higher digital expertise and six-figure saving potential

The Seifert Logistics Group is one of the top 100 logistics companies in Germany and continues to expand its network of locations throughout Europe. International groups from a wide range of sectors (such as the automotive, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods industries) have relied on the company's complex logistics services for many years. Seifert Logistics is convinced that Logistics 4.0 will provide a clear competitive advantage and is promoting digitisation and innovative strength within the company. This has also helped it become one of the TOP SUPPLIERS of the automotive giant Daimler. 

Find out more at: seifert-logistics.com 

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smapOne and Microsoft Power Platform: end-2-end digitisation at Bayernwerk

The energy transition has changed the utilities market significantly. Its complexity has increased, as have demands on network operators. To cope with this, the largest regional network operator in Bavaria, Germany, Bayernwerk Netz GmbH, has taken a new approach: linking smapOne with the Microsoft Power Platform to digitally map processes from the first to the last step.


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Transport Logistics 4.0: Honold employees develop apps for digital processes

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Innovation management at Rhenus: Rapid prototype development for digital processes
Innovation management at Rhenus: Rapid prototype development for digital processes

At Rhenus, about 11 employees are building their own smaps with smapOne at Rhenus, the globally operating logistics provider from Germany. Ideas for application scenarios in the warehouse, on the yard, in the QM and in the office have so far resulted in around 74 small prototype smaps. And the trend is rising rapidly.

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BLG Logistics: from a potential workshop to calculable ROI
BLG Logistics: from a potential workshop to calculable ROI

BLG Logistics used the proof of concept offer for six months. The goal was to identify usage scenarios and the required scope of use, to quickly train app creators and to determine an economic ROI. As a result, the app creators created 14 of their own apps. Use of the process app alone saved time up to 50%.

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