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Simplify Hazard Risk Assessment Software Creation with smapOne

Create custom solutions for your business in minutes without any coding expertise. Choose from dozens of existing drag-and-drop modules. Automate manual tasks, generate reports, capture data, and export files with ease. Teams using smapOne report saving up to 60% of their time.

Will you also empower your teams to re-imagine new solutions to old problems?

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Your Own, Custom Hazard Risk Assessment Software…

…created by you in just 30 minutes! Easily create solutions customized to your business and team needs with our app builder. You don’t need any coding knowledge or additional tech expertise. Your hazard risk assessment software will take the form of a business app, designed for your specific challenges.

Re-use dozens of ready-made building blocks

Choose from a wide range of drag and drop modules, such as sketch and image blocks, forms, digital signature fields and more. You can add photos, signatures, and text directly from your phone or tablet.

Automate tedious manual
processes and save time

smapOne’s no-code app building platform makes it easy to automate processes. You can generate reports, create custom forms, and export files in various formats across devices.

Maximise team productivity and reduce errors

Easily capture important data digitally, both on- and off-site, and prevent missing information and errors. With a custom business app, you enable your team to take immediate action, improving project outcomes.

Empower teams to work remotely with smaps

All smapOne apps, which we like to call “smaps”, can be used online and offline – wherever your teams are working from. You will always have access to the latest version of all your data.

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How others use smapOne for hazard risk assessment

Digital data collection using custom hazard risk assessment software and apps means you can optimise all on- and off-sight safety processes.
Thanks to these solutions, users report a significant reduction in clerical errors. They also report saving up to 60% of time.
This is thanks to eliminating manual processes - like pen and paper.

Automate solutions for construction sites

  • Reduce or eliminate slow pen and paper processes
  • Generate occupational safety reports fast
  • Digitally record defects during inspections
  • Export and share copies for processing

Easily assess vehicle hazard risk

  • Quickly add and fill-in required information
  • Document on the go directly from your device
  • Save image files and send them directly to the app
  • Keep a record of identified hazards

Create checklists for load securing

  • Prevent downtime by using quick, digital checklists
  • Use mandatory fields to ensure complete documentation
  • Easily select data from a predefined list
  • Document and upload media in various formats

Practical example: smapOne for testing ladders & steps

Want to document ladder inspections using your own, self-made app? A custom ladder inspection app lets you quickly and easily record all defects. Right on your smartphone. Using a photo module, you can document your inspection in photos.

Once test data is recorded, the app automatically generates a report. You can then design this to your own specifications. You can then name your test report and store it digitally.

  • Simple, mobile documentation of the inspection of ladders and steps
  • Individual, customizable form structure
  • Automated report in Word or PDF format
  • Automated file names for filing system (digital ladder inspection book)
  • Send completed instructions for use directly to printer

Android, iOS, Windows

No programming knowledge necessary.

Use on- and offline

Data protection compliant

Compatible via REST API

Flexible user management

smapOne is transforming businesses across industries

You can find outdated, analog processes in almost every company. They come in the form of protocols, checklists and more. Working with older processes is time-consuming and makes your team prone to errors. With smapOne’s no-code app builder, you can create business apps that save time, increase efficiency, and improve project outcomes.

Here’s how businesses across industries are using smapOne:


There are numerous accident prevention regulations in logistics due to potential hazards with industrial trucks and company vehicles. A digital reporting solution can ensure accurate recording of all incidents.

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Occupational safety and accident reporting are crucial in the construction industry. Design software solutions with our app builder that quickly and easily digitise time-consuming tasks, such as safety inspections.

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Facility Management

Today, facility management risk assessments are digital, seamless, and error-free, and our no-code app building platform is the best way to achieve quality.

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