Master Operationalisation with Prototyping

Fast track your projects and get ready-to-use application support with our Prototyping Starter Program.


  • Kickstart with three ready-to-use solutions.
  • Navigate with our agile method guide.
  • Empower users for smooth implementation.
  • Unlock creativity and inspiration.
  • Ensure sustainable implementation through employee involvement.

Why operationalisation matters

Operationalisation is a critical part of digitising processes. It takes abstract concepts and turns them into concrete, measurable steps and actions. Operationalisation ensures that process digitisation moves from theory to practice. It helps create clarity, transparency and measurability for everyone involved. It also boosts your people's confidence, helping them to drive the transformation forward.

The Power of Prototyping

4 steps to digitalising a process

Rapidly test and refine your approaches with our prototyping service. Gain valuable feedback for continuous improvement and save significant time and resources compared to traditional methods.

Our prototyping program offers:

  • 3 ready-to-use smaps, including integration
  • Comprehensive training and user empowerment
  • Room to explore the tool and apply your ideas
  • Fast results for a quicker ROI
  • Dedicated project manager support
  • Enhanced user and employee engagement
  • Cultivation of a digital mindset

1. Identify application scenarios

2. Implement ideas & processes in smaps

3. Testing & further development

4. Start productive use

Who We Serve

Traditional operationalisation poses challenges for teams, demanding innovative and efficient solutions. smapOne's prototyping approach addresses these issues by providing ready-to-use solutions that boost creativity, engage users, and simplify implementation. We serve:

  • Teams seeking efficient operationalisation solutions.
  • Innovators in need of resource-smart solutions.

Why smapOne Stands Out

Successful citizen development requires the right mix of innovative technology, motivation, guidance, and people empowerment. We capture the essence of citizen development in business and ensure it aligns with your strategy.

  • We're ISO-certified and no-code.
  • We're all about energising and empowering citizen developers.

Your Journey: From Idea to Citizen Development

Achieve your goals with employee enablement and end-user adoption

Citizen Development

Easily create software and tools, no coding required.

Employee Enablement

Personalized training to foster a digital mindset.


End-User Adoption

Engage employees from the start and co-create processes.



Accelerate your digital transformation.

Our Experts on Your Side

Our team leverages prototyping to enable a quick start in process digitalisation. We implement three smaps that can be productively used in a short timeframe. With this approach, we lay the groundwork for sustainable digital transformation within the company.

Elise Philipps, Solution ConsultantsmapOne AG

Elisa Philipps, Solution Consultant, smapOne AG


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