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Facility apps: sustainable and digital processes in real estate management

  • Time required for inspections cut in half
  • Very high level of acceptance among employees
  • Offline capability of digital forms used intensively
  • Outstanding adaptability to project-specific processes

Working with paper forms is no fun. Thanks to the offline-capable, intuitive and individually adaptable apps, a high level of acceptance was quickly established among technical colleagues.

Timo NovotnyBAM Immobilien-Dienstleistungen GmbH

Timo Novotny

BAM Immobilien-Dienstleistungen GmbH

Digital real estate services: Maintenance and inspection protocols through the app

What is the specific challenge?

Environmentally friendly use of resources, sustainable innovations and digital processes are at the forefront of BAM's activities. This made it all the more important to gradually configure existing paper processes in a digital way. 

BAM already had similar, but far more complex solutions in use at the time. However, these were simply too complicated for users. There was a need for a tool that is intuitive and easy to use. BAM finally came to smapOne by recommendation. 
From the very beginning, BAM had concrete application scenarios in mind. The main focus was on standard services provided by building technicians, such as maintenance, inspections and activity reports. The technicians are often working in cellars, which make an offline-capable solution necessary. 

So far, these services had been recorded on paper. These paper documents had to be scanned afterwards. Sometimes there were other related documents already available as PDF, Excel or in other applications. The problem was that reports were poorly assigned from time to time, leading to delays in the follow-up process. 

BAM has locations spread all over Germany. This made it necessary to find a tool that is intuitive for the technicians to use and can be implemented without training to the greatest possible extent. 

What has improved?


  • Digitalisation that is fun

smapOne offers the "fast way to digitalise – get started right away with a click of your fingers". For employees, digitalisation should be fun and easy to handle. Only then will they actually engage with digital solutions. BAM was already well positioned from a digital perspective. Nowadays, technicians use iPads to complete forms and reports. Employees love the solution.

  •  Full adaptability of individual processes

 Fire door maintenance protocols were tested successfully. Technicians saved, per door, 50% of the usual time taken to carry out all steps of the test. The smaps also turned out to be useful for repetitive work processes like patrol logs, cleaning inspections and regular inspection services. The smaps are perfect for BAM: simple and intuitive, have offline capability, are quite to use and can be adapted to project-specific processes at any time. "Almost anything is conceivable", says Novotny, Head of Consulting & Tools at BAM.

  • Responsible use of resources

In the long term, using paper form simply isn't fun and incompatible with company philosophy. Recurring processes and work steps should be recorded and processed digitally as consistently as possible. This saves time, nerves and paper for everyone involved.


How does digital transformation work in the company?

The first "door maintenance" project was carried out in Berlin. The door maintenance log was converted from paper to a smap. The technicians were then able to try it out for a while.

After carrying out the test with only a few employees, they quickly extended the project to other technicians. During the installation, they still needed some support. Since the smaps are very intuitive and heavily based on the previous paper forms, the transition was easy.

After implementing the first projects, more project-specific use cases are being implemented. In the future, each location will have a "smap manager" who will build, distribute and coordinate smaps.

About the company

Facility apps: sustainable and digital processes in real estate management

BAM Immobilien-Dienstleistungen GmbH offers complete solutions for the optimal economic use and value retention of a building. More than 180 employees at six locations throughout Germany develop and implement sustainable operator models. Sustainability and a responsible use of resources are important components of the company's way of working. 

For more information, please visit www.bam-id.de

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