CANCOM fleet digitalised with smapOne apps

CANCOM fleet: how 2 apps improve the work of 1,500 employees

  • More efficient processes within the company's own fleet
  • Meaningful simplification of work for 1,500 employees
  • 30-40% time saved per documented process
  • Increase in reliability and speed

With two smapOne apps, we have put our handover and accident documentation on a digital footing within two months and are really reaping the benefits!

Tobias Lorenz, CANCOM GmbHCANCOM GmbH

Tobias Lorenz

Cancom GmbH

How 2 apps improve the work of 1,500 employees

What is the specific challenge?

As one of the largest and most successful digital transformation partners, CANCOM helps bring companies into the digital future. The company helps its customers reduce the complexity of their IT and expand their business success through the use of state-of-the-art technology. Always striving to find the best digital solution is firmly anchored in the DNA of the company. For CANCOM, it is paramount that internal processes can be digitalised quickly and easily. What's more, the company is highly invested in finding simple, intelligent solutions that support employees in their daily work.

The company's employees regularly travel to customer assignments off-site to carry out their services. To ensure that these visits go smoothly, regulated processes for the company's internal fleet are essential for CANCOM. Vehicle handover, in particular, and accident damage inspection identified by drivers during their operations must be continuously organised and documented. And that's a daunting task! This is because the company's fleet comprises 1500 vehicles, but is maintained by only 4 full-time and one part-time members of staff. This is why CANCOM needed a solution that supported the regular activities of the 1500 drivers – such as the documentation of vehicle handovers and accident reports – in the best possible way. A solution, which is also easy enough to use that even in extreme situations such as accidents, employees immediately know what to do.

What is the solution?

CANCOM has found all these features in one solution: smapOne. The IT service provider was particularly impressed by smapOne's flexible customisation options, its location independent use and its user-friendly operation. With the help of smapOne's flexible modular system, CANCOM was able to easily digitalise the handover protocols of vehicles as well as accident reports for its drivers. How? Quite simply with two self-created mobile apps, which today all 1500 users use regularly, wherever they happen to be. The new apps are a huge help to the company's drivers, who are on the road every day in field operations. If an accident occurs, the new digital solution immediately helps the vehicle owner to record the most important data. A monumental improvement on the previous documentation process! Where the employees previously recorded the car damage in an analogue list on a clipboard and ticked off the relevant details, today they can do all this digitally through the app. Annoying scanning of analogue reports or downstream evaluations are a thing of the past. With smapOne, the drivers can use the app to document the damage directly at the scene of the accident and send the report digitally in an instant. This also allows the administration of CANCOM to react more quickly to the accident and, if necessary, to request help. Consequently, the app provides immediate support where it is most needed.
 The app created by CANCOM for handing over vehicles navigates employees through the entire vehicle inspection process. It also lets them fill out forms digitally. The most important information about the vehicle (e.g. manufacturer, last mileage) is automatically linked to the driver and vehicle using a stored table and filled in when the documents are created. When the responsible employee has completed the document, they send the digital form to the fleet's own email address.

The newly used technologies also optimise CANCOM's information management: updates and changes to the smaps are made immediately available to the drivers. Various fleet documents that the drivers have available in the smapOne app always have an up-to-date version status. This means that they no longer have to be printed out or carried in the vehicle in paper form.

What has improved?

With the use of smapOne, CANCOM has managed to digitalise itself from the inside out. With the newly implemented apps, the reliability and speed of the processes at CANCOM have seen an overall improvement. This is because employees must carefully check the digital forms before submitting their entries. This results in fewer errors and more reliable data. In addition, the company avoids queries, as concrete measured values are recorded on the spot. Employees can immediately enter changes in the app and send them in real time. Another great added value is that drivers can always use the apps wherever they are. Location independent and digital, they can capture information quickly and easily.
 The conversion of processes with smapOne also conserves CANCOM's time. While it took employees up to 5 minutes to fill in on the clipboard, each documented process requires no more than 3 minutes. With 1500 drivers using the apps regularly, the company gains a lot of time. CanCOM saves 30 to 40 per cent of the time previously needed for preparation and recording information by using the app.
 The increase in productivity achieved and improved process efficiency represent major milestones for CANCOM in the optimisation of its internal fleet coordination. In addition, the employees receive enormous support in their regular activities through the use of the apps. This is another added value that confirms the success of the new solution. And the new digitalised processes bring another benefit: with smapOne's digital approach, CANCOM is positioning itself for the future and thus improving its position vis-à-vis competitors.

How does the integration of the new solution work?

For CANCOM, the digital solution from smapOne fits perfectly into the company's processes and improves the coordination of the company's own fleet. With the two apps for the handover of vehicles and damage reports, CANCOM has created a digital workflow that has a positive impact on the company's entire intralogistics. The current 1500 employees of CANCOM can use the digital solutions of smapOne at any time without any problems. For Division Manager Tobias Lorenz and Fleet Operation Specialist Thorsten Hossann, the added value of smapOne primarily lies in the fact that the apps can be easily adapted to altered processes. And the fact that the employees immediately experience the positive results of the app use themselves is also an important success criterion of the new solution. The documentation workload of the drivers has been significantly reduced and smapOne provides support where the drivers of CANCOM need it most – when they are on the road or handing over vehicles on company premises.

About the company

CANCOM fleet: how 2 apps improve the work of 1,500 employees

As a digital transformation partner, CANCOM assists companies on their path to a digital future. We help our customers reduce the complexity of their IT and expand their business success through the use of state-of-the-art technology. To meet the IT needs of companies, organisations and the public sector holistically, CANCOM offers tailor-made IT solutions from A to Z from a single source. The IT solutions offered by the CANCOM Group include consulting, implementation, services and the operation of IT systems. Customers benefit from the extensive expertise as well as a holistic and innovative portfolio that covers the IT requirements of companies necessary for a successful digital transformation. As a hybrid IT integrator and service provider, we deliver a range of services and solutions that include business solutions and managed services such as cloud computing, analytics, enterprise mobility, IT security, hosting or as-a-service offerings. 

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