smapOne Whitepaper


Solutions for the Digital Dilemma  

The Skills Shortage, Legacy IT & More;
Effectively Overcoming the Digitalisation Backlog


Organisations are also struggling with a sluggish start to digitalisation. Yet most well-functioning analogue process will soon be obsolete. And this will leave many companies running the risk of falling behind. 

In this whitepaper, we offer insights into why digitalisation sometimes fails and what to do about it. Discover how to set up a no-code project, while avoiding building up shadow IT. Learn why it is not the big that will eat the small, but the fast that will take over the slow.  

What will you discover? 

  • Why you shouldn’t just transfer analogue processes 1:1 to digital ones
  • Safely introducing citizen development, avoiding the risk of shadow & legacy IT
  • 4 easy steps to starting your first no-code project with a game-changing platform
  • For inspiration: Examples of some of the most effective no-code solutions




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