Fahrzeug Check - digitale Dokumentation per App im Fuhrpark

Build Your Own Fleet Management Apps

Digitalise time-consuming processes in your business using fleet management apps. With smapOne, you can literally create your own either from template or scratch.

It’s time to move away from paper. Stop losing documentation. Get over breaks in media. Create your own, efficient solutions today!

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Create Your Own Digital Fleet Management Apps Today

Empower your employees!

The smapOne platform is an intuitive, no code platform that lets you create fleet management apps based on your requirements. Either you or your staff can create custom solutions to solve your specific problems. The app builder platform lets you build apps (“smaps”) in a fun, easy and playful manner. And after, you can test them without risking anything.

Digital fleet management doesn’t have to be hard. Instead of overloading your IT department, empower your employees to create business apps themselves. They can use predefined ‘building blocks’ to put different functions together – the possibilities are endless! All done through drag and drop, it makes app development a breeze and will accelerate your company’s digitalisation.

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Android, iOS, Windows

No programming knowledge necessary.

Use on- and offline

Data protection compliant

Compatible via REST API

Flexible user management

What Kind of Solutions Can I Create?

Fleet management apps in 30 minutes

The smapOne app builder platform covers a vast range of use case possibilities. So it may be helpful to get some inspiration. We’ve listed just some of the many kinds of smap your team can create.

The smapOne App Builder: How it works

Accident Log

  • Easy data entry in case of stress
  • Weatherproof, loss-free recording
  • Documentation by photo, sketch, sound recording, etc.
  • Recording of time and GPS location
  • Immediate data transmission for fast processing

Vehicle Handover

  • Individually created checklist for ticking off
  • No printout, no scanning, no manual transmission
  • Capture images, sketches and sound recordings directly in the form
  • Direct processing and approval in the back office

Load Securing

  • Verifiability always guaranteed
  • Documentation on site at any time
  • Complete recording through mandatory fields reduces the risk of errors
  • Flexibly adaptable to your vehicles and legal regulations

Other fleet management app examples

  • Repair documentation
  • Material requisition card
  • Vehicle/Inventory check
  • Mileage logging
  • Hazard inspection
  • Accident report
  • Damage recording
  • Log book
  • Driver information app
  • Pool vehicle recording
  • Driver license check
  • Departure check

smapOne - Your All-in-One, Digital Solution

From digital forms to data capture to staff time tracking! Take a look at some of the application examples made possible with the smapOne App Builder.


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