Digitale Firmenkommunikation mit der mobilen Mitarbeiter-Informationsapp

Always up-to-date with a company communication app

Use your own company communication app. Inform your staff the world over, digitally and via mobile.

Communicate internally with your staff. Send announcements, publish regulations and more - all using a custom app! Create your own solution that fits your company needs and goals.

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Make working life easier with a company communication app

Internal communication within organisations used to be simple. Many companies would use a bulletin board. Here, they would post important information for everyone to see. It's not that simple anymore.

Having many locations presents a real challenge to corporate communications. Lots of businesses now use dedicated intranet solutions. And while these are efficient and secure, they are neither cheap nor inexpensive to set up. But there’s good news!

Once again, communication can be as simple as a bulletin board.

Creating your own company communication app is fast and simple. Building this custom, tailored solution takes only 30 minutes using the drag-and-drop principle. You don't even need to code. Your new employee communication app will act as a central staff communication centre.

Ready to go in minutes, which is essential these days. Especially after the pandemic, it helps answer a number of questions. How do we record working hours when working remotely? How do we regulate vacation and sick days?The app can be up and functioning in minutes, offering an easy way to send company updates. It can provide concrete answers to questions about sick days, holidays and more.

Sounds simple? It is. Start playing now with smapOne!


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Android, iOS, Windows

No programming knowledge necessary.

Use on- and offline

Data protection compliant

Compatible via REST API

Flexible user management

Easily share information throughout the company

This app makes it easy to share information throughout the company. You can, for example:

  • Communicate current changes happening in the organisation
  • Set down regulations about time recording and remote work
  • Answer questions on vacation and sick leave
  • Plant closures, furlough regulations, quarantine time
  • ...and more!

Advantages of the employee information app

Successful day-to-day business operations rely on providing employees with important information. It is also vital to provide answers to recurring questions. You can quickly and easily send out data to all colleagues in real time.

Centralised information creates a culture of trust and commitment.

All employees receive information at the same time. No one is informed too late.

Significant time saved thanks to faster administration & information distribution.

Calm, transparent communication prevents speculation & miscommunication.

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